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Onsight Movement: What's In A Name?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

An impressive onsight of Cannibis (5.12a) Red Rock, Nevada

Onsight [verb.]: to climb a route flawlessly for the first time, without having any prior knowledge, or beta, about the route. 

Imagine you walk up to the crag and eye up your route: the one that, with the right mindset, feels just within your reach. After a healthy warm-up and a solid mental prep, you step into your harness and place all four limbs on the rock. Shortly after heading up, you enter that feeling, that flow state, almost as if you are swimming. The feeling when your body is in complete harmony with its surroundings, your mind becoming singularly focused. Distractions fade as you feel the exposure of the high mountain air. You're so finely tuned that the mind, body, and environment are all working in perfect synchrony. 

Before you realize it, you clip the chains and take a deep breath, overwhlemed with the beautiful view at the top. You smile and look down at your partner, taking a moment to bask in your accomplishment! 

To onsight is the ideal climbing method; it’s what you strive for. 

Basically, when you onsight something, you do it the right way, the first time. However, just like most things in life that are ideal, it is difficult to do. Thus, it usually takes years of training and experience in order to be able to onsight something. It’s like taking a pop quiz in algebra class; you aren't going to score 100% just by being lucky. You spend years and years studying mathematical principles and developing an understanding so that when a test is presented to you, you are able to ace it. 

We echo this same ideal into our physical therapy practice. We’ve spent years learning and developing our skills so that when you walk through the door, we are able to get you where you want to be from the ground up, the right way, the first time. 

We cut out all of the unnecessary steps in the healthcare system to give you a clean line of care from start to finish. No wasted trips going back and forth to the doctor’s office for referrals. No excessive or unnecessary appointments. We hook you up with an exercise app so you always have access to the crucial information we discuss. You can always shoot us a message if you have questions. Simple, streamlined stuff to get you feeling and performing better as efficiently as possible.  

That’s the Onsight Movement method. 


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