Whether you are recovery from an injury, or looking to develop a sustainable exercise plan that suits your specific needs, we've got you covered with our physical therapy and performance services.

free discovery visit

At Onsight Movement, we believe that finding the right provider is one of the most important steps in the recovery process.

In your initial discovery visit, we will discuss what goals you have, the appropriate steps needed to get you there, and decide if Onsight Movement is a good fit for you.


• 1:1 call or in-person meeting (30 minutes)

• Clarity on what problem you're having, and advice on the best path forward

• A referral elsewhere if we are not the most appropriate resource for you

sessions and packs

Choose between three different ways to work with us. All services are applicable whether or not you have a current injury. Our treatment methods are tailored to you and may include but are not limited to:

exercise prescription/modification   •    joint mobilization   •    dry needling  

soft tissue work    •.   objective strength testing    •    movement education


In-Person or Online

Single sessions are intended for new or current clients who would benefit from a focused evaluation, treatment, or baseline strength assessment.

Current clients may choose this option as a follow up at the frequency that is recommended to you upon initial appointment.

Perfect for:

• Those who enjoy more rehab/training independence and are very familiar with fundamental exercise/training concepts

• Those interested in initial rehab strategy recommendations, a single treatment session, or a baseline strength assessment

• Those looking for focused education to ensure proper form/technique

What You Get:

• 1:1 evaluation of your mobility and strength

• Treatment of your injury as applicable

• Email follow up with summary of your session, including recommendations and videos of specific exercise as applicable

• Email contact for support, questions, or clarification of session

60 mins



In Person or Online

The 4-Pack is best for clients looking for a bit of guidance as they move throughout their rehab or training process.

Access to our remote application allows you to interact with your plan by viewing your exercises and contacting us at anytime.

Perfect for:

• Those seeking a bit more guidance and direction

• Those who are somewhat familiar with fundamental exercise/training concepts but would like more instruction

• Those who would benefit from multiple sessions in order to achieve goals

What You Get:

• 1:1 evaluation of your mobility and strength

• Treatment of your injury as applicable

• Four in-person or virtual sessions, up to 60 minutes each

• 6-week access to our remote application to view and complete exercise plan

• Asynchronous in-app text and email support for questions

6 weeks, 4 sessions



In Person or Online

The 8-Pack is best for clients looking for more accountability and guidance as they move throughout their process.

With the 8-pack, you get twice as many in-person sessions, giving us more one-on-one time to dig deeper, resolve multiple issues, and keep them from returning.

Perfect for:

• Those who thrive with closer guidance, regular accountability & frequent follow up

• Those who are pre/post-surgical, would like to address injury/concerns of multiple body parts, or who would benefit from more frequent hands on care

• Those who are unfamiliar with fundamental exercise/training concepts or are looking to learn a new movement skill

What You Get:

• 1:1 evaluation of your mobility and strength

• Treatment of your injury/injuries as applicable

• Eight in-person or virtual sessions, up to 60 minutes each

• Regular, weekly check-ins

• 8-week access to our remote application to view and complete exercises. You'll have the ability to make comments and upload your own videos for form checks

• Unlimited in-app text and email communication for questions

8 weeks, 8 sessions

2 p. of $490


“Very effective physical therapy. I began the first week of December with a major back injury and by the first week of January, I was ready to run, climb, and lift again. The stretches, exercises, and therapeutic techniques were specifically what I needed and worked faster and more effectively than I ever expected.”

—  Mike B, climber, weight lifter


Red Rock: Untapped

Online Bouldering Guide

The newest first ascents in Red Rock, authored by Dylan Demyanek


[A word about online physical therapy]

Due to state regulation, we are able to provide a physical therapy diagnosis and specific PT treatment plan only to individuals who reside in states in which we are licensed to practice.

If you are located outside of the listed states, we can however discuss your overall wellness and offer training, fitness, and general injury risk reduction advice to you.

If you are outside of the listed states and unsure of what exactly you need, book a free online consultation and we will help you figure out what you need, including referral to another practitioner as appropriate. 

States we are licensed to practice Physical Therapy:




South Dakota


Know someone who could use help with an injury?

Onsight Movement gift cards are now available for purchase and are redeemable for any of our services. Match a service price or choose a custom amount to show a friend or family member you care.



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