"I've been to many PT's over the years but none as knowledgeable as Jennifer. Especially with climbing related injuries and preventative exercises!!"

Larry C. Las Vegas, NV 

"I had 3 different Physical Therapists before I found Jennifer. All I can say is, she is amazing! I developed frozen shoulder after rotator cuff surgery, and for months I was having a hard time gaining my full mobility back. Within a month after seeing Jennifer, My range of motion improving drastically! She explained how dry needling could help frozen shoulder so I agreed to try it out. I know that with these treatments and the exercises she recommended for me, I have gained more range of motion. Jennifer is very knowledgeable and she takes pride in her work; I know she really cares for each individual. I’m so grateful I found her!!"

Maria S. Las Vegas, NV

"I highly recommend Onsight Movement for anyone in need of physical therapy, but especially climbers. Since I have started working with Jennifer, I have had drastic improvement with a chronic shoulder problem. One of the most remarkable outcomes, is that she has almost completely eliminated some very painful knots in my shoulder through a combination of exercises, stretches, and dry needling. Now that my sources of chronic pain are under control we are working on strengthening my weaknesses so that I stay injury/pain free.

It is so crazy that about 6 months ago I had mostly accepted that chronic tendon/muscle pain was just part of being a slightly older climber and that these problems meant I could no longer progress. I am now more excited than ever about climbing, and actually getting stronger instead of being held back by pain. My only regret is that I did not do this for myself years ago."

Jessica P. Las Vegas, NV